Take control of your calls

  • After hours? Route your calls to a destination where they will get answered.
  • Give callers the option to leave a voicemail or call-back number.
  • Get notified when calls go unanswered.
  • Use the whisper feature to give your team more insight when they answer a call.
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As Many Phone Numbers as You Need

  • Use multiple numbers (local and toll-free) to track your various campaigns.
  • Set up different call scenarios depending on the services you provide.

Location Services

  • Map where calls originate, even from a mobile phone. We don't need an app or GPS.
  • Define how calls reach one of your business locations, within a certain radius, by standard geographical boundaries, or create custom boundaries.
  • Define default and backup routes so no call ever gets lost.

Business Continuity

  • Block unwanted callers with our Smart SPAM filtering.
  • Route calls to alternate locations when the primary ones are closed, even during emergencies.
  • We keep your business humming 24/7.

Leverage the Power of Data

  • Identify first-time and unique callers.
  • Route calls for your star prospects and customers who call regularly.
  • Integrate third-party databases and enhance your decision making.

It's All About ROI

Mapping numbers to marketing sources helps you identify what is working and what isn’t. Compare your A and B landing pages, or analyze your radio or TV ads.

It's simple to do, but gives you incredible insight. It is hands down the best starting point for increasing returns on your marketing efforts.


Look At Your Business Your Way

Group your numbers so you can organize sources into what makes sense for you. Analyze the bigger picture and obtain the facts to build a smarter marketing budget.

It's There for the Taking

We track it all so you can get to it all:

  • Call details and IVR logs
  • Call recordings
  • Conversation analytics
  • First time, unique and repeat calls
  • Mobile vs landline
  • Geographic location
  • Demographics
  • Behavioral data


We've made it easy for you:

  • Quick reports in a variety of popular formats
  • Create subscriptions and share your reports automatically
  • Download through your personal portal or directly via our API
  • Access your data in EDGE, Safari and Chrome on your desktop, smartphone or tablet ... whenever you want.

Let Us Show You


Whether you need to figure out a particular report, add a new number to your pool, or get advice on how to enhance your IVR, AdGeo's team is there for you.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we know how things work. And we are constantly working with our clients to make it simpler and better.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“AdGeo's expertise in the market is very valuable.  They’ve been doing this a long time.”


“Very sophisticated routing, tracking, and reporting.”

“AdGeo is our favorite vendor due to their flexibility... they met all of our routing needs.”


“AdGeo has the ability to provide something that others say can’t be done.”


It's like having a concierge at hand whenever you need it. It's our signature.