Take control of your calls

  • After hours? Route your calls to a destination where they will get answered.
  • Give callers the option to leave a voicemail or call-back number.
  • Get notified when calls go unanswered.
  • Use the whisper feature to give your team more insight when they answer a call.
product - call mgmt options.png

As Many Phone Numbers as You Need

  • Use multiple numbers (local and toll-free) to track your various campaigns.
  • Set up different call scenarios depending on the services you provide.

Location Services

  • Map where calls originate, even from a mobile phone. We don't need an app or GPS.
  • Define how calls reach one of your business locations, within a certain radius, by standard geographical boundaries, or create custom boundaries.
  • Define default and backup routes so no call ever gets lost.

Business Continuity

  • Block unwanted callers with our Smart SPAM filtering.
  • Route calls to alternate locations when the primary ones are closed, even during emergencies.
  • We keep your business humming 24/7.

Leverage the Power of Data

  • Identify first-time and unique callers.
  • Route calls for your star prospects and customers who call regularly.
  • Integrate third-party databases and enhance your decision making.