We Have Updated Our Reporting Portal


The old portal used technology that is no longer supported by Microsoft. Google and Apple cut their support well before that. It was also never usable on tablets and smartphones. Updating the technology was the biggest fundamental thing we changed in the portal.

What to Expect

You will access the portal the same way you did before.

In order to make the portal easier to use on tablets and smartphones and to be more in compliance with current-day design standards, we also changed the layout of the controls on the configuration page. In the past, your data controls were side-by-side. Now they are below each other. We know it takes longer to scroll and it is sometimes harder to see the dependencies between various data sets. But, the new technology may allow us to provide more flexibility down the road with less effort. Stay tuned!

Other things that have changed is a simplification of the controls to manage reports, including the creation of the “My Reports” list. Subscriptions are now independent from saving and renaming reports.

Your Thoughts are Important to Us

Feedback on the portal is always welcome. We’d love to hear from you so we can continue to tweak and improve how we provide call data to you.

A New Face


Yes, it was that time again. A new look and feel for AdGeo.

Not so much because we wanted to modernize the site, but to provide a little more insight into what we do.  We also wanted to set the stage for lots of good things to come. More capabilities and new features are on the way. 

We pay attention to what our clients are saying and have been busy planning, designing and creating so that we can move into the future together with confidence. A lot of work lays ahead and we are excited.

Our signature service, of course, is here to stay.

Stay Tuned,