August trendwatch for marketers, business leaders

We hope you are looking forward to a long holiday weekend! We've been watching the web for  technology tips and trends to help you grow your business, and we thought the headlines below were worth a mention. In case you missed them ...

For marketers:

  • Gap invites parents to submit kids' photos via social networks in ad contest. 
  • Sonic tries all-digital campaign to launch one-day limited-time offer to millennials. 
  • TGI Friday's tries QR-code-enabled mobile payments. 
  • Applebee's opens up its Instagram feed to diners, leveraging "fan-tographers." 
  • Facebook beat Google for seasonal ad effectiveness (back-to-school and holidays in particular). 
  • Facebook ads get 10% higher click-through rate on mobile than desktop and are cheaper to boot, study says. 

For business leaders:

  • Need some leadership inspiration? Here's why CEOs succeed or fail. 
  • Seven things business leaders must understand about customer service. 
  • Developing a mobile app? Consider a soft launch strategy. 
  • Vendors like eBay, PayPal and OpenTable are streamlining the mobile payments process. 
  • The same customer experience principles apply to social media as in the real world.