Improve your marketing ROI

Call routing is often handled by the IT department. Advertising is most likely handled by the marketing department. And the two camps rarely intersect.

But what if georouting could be used with advertising and marketing campaigns to better track results? And, what if the information was available in real time, so changes could be made to marketing campaigns mid-stream to increase results and ROI?

Marketing + Georouting + Visual Reporting
 = Better ROI

If you run local, regional, or national advertising campaigns in various mediums, it can be very helpful to incorporate call routing and visual reporting into your campaign as effective ways to track results.

We can help you do it easily. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll simply assign a unique toll or toll-free number to each campaign, offer, or region, depending on how you want to measure results.
  • We’ll track your incoming responses.
  • We'll build a geo-scheme of your locations and routing plan.
  • We’ll assign each call a latitude and longitude marker so we can identify where it originated. (That's basic georouting, and it simply allows us to plot incoming calls on a map, as we would any other piece of geographical data.)
  • We’ll add to the map any other marketing data that you have – marketing spend, specific offers, and other census demographic data.
  • You’ll instantly be able to see which campaigns or areas are producing results, and which aren’t.
Quickly compare the performance of multiple toll-free lines during the day to see which campaigns are more effective.

Quickly compare the performance of multiple toll-free lines during the day to see which campaigns are more effective.

Having this level of information available in real-time allows you to make decisions that can improve the performance of marketing campaigns while they are still in process.

This is especially helpful for companies purchasing radio, broadcast, and online advertisements, where the media is “live,” and changes mid-stream can make a big difference.

The bottom line

When you spend money on marketing or advertising, you'll definitely want to be able to track the effectiveness of your spend. And it doesn't do much good to get results a month or two after the campaign ends, except for modifying future spends.

Adding georouting and visual reporting is a great way to track results  as they happen, in real time. That way, if your advertising mediums are live (such as radio, broadcast, and online), you can tweak offers, change direction, and even cancel campaigns that aren't producing results so that you can direct those funds toward campaigns that are working well.