Location-based marketing: The new kid gets noticed

When it comes to marketing technologies, there's a new kid in town. Actually, this kid is not so new, but he's finally getting the attention he deserves. His name is location-based marketing, and he's been used successfully by some stores to provide special offers to targeted audiences via their mobile devices as they enter the vicinity of the store.

The Mobile Marketer published an interesting study this week citing that location-based marketing tactics are poised for steep growth and will start to grab ever-larger shares of marketing budgets over the coming years. From the article, a few key points emerge:

  • More and more national brands are adopting location-based advertising tactics such as geo-fencing, click-to-call and click-to-map. This will continue to grow as brands see results.
  • As the ability to connect mobile ads with resulting sales becomes clearer, marketers will be able to determine ROI, which should lead to bigger investments.
  • The factors driving bigger location-based mobile ad budgets include growing advertiser demand, higher ad performance, and increases in mobile ad rates.

If you're considering adopting location-based marketing as part of your overall strategy, the full article is worth the time to read. Grab it here. Then go ahead and test a few tactics to see how they perform for your brand. (We're big fans of click-to-map and click-to-call technologies as part of mobile apps and websites, but targeted push offers have also been effective for some.) Good luck!