Click-to-call and Social Media: Blending old and new

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that the social media site was testing a new click-to-call feature with its advertisers. The goal, of course, is to add new ways that consumers can use Twitter to engage with brands while also offering greater value to advertisers.

While this marks the first time that click-to-call is used within a social media platform, the technology isn't new -- it's been used to date in certain mobile applications and in search engine results. In fact, "location-based apps such as Google Maps and Yelp already offer the click-to-call feature. A recent study commissioned by Google showed that 42% of 1,500 mobile searchers used the function, and about 48% of respondents said that talking to the business influenced their decision to buy the respective service or product." (Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal here.)

This is just one example of what we call "leveraging telephony in a digital world." The value of live discussions and connecting via telephone hasn't gone away. Rather, we continue to find new ways to make the tried-and-true blend with the new. Watch for more examples and insights on this concept in future posts!