The Weekly Wrap - The value of "local"

Marketing at the local level continues to dominate headlines. Here's a summary of the latest research findings and best practices in local digital and mobile advertising, reaching consumers with relevant offers and incentives based on where they live and work. Be sure to also check out our recent articles on location-based marketing, the ability to correctly locate and route cell phone callers to the appropriate location, and how new location-based mobile services can enhance the experience of your customers.

  • 80% of smartphone users use their mobile devices for local searches. 
  • Big data gets bigger for marketers. Hiring data experts and executives pushing the use of analytics in marketing are two big trends to watch.
  • This new white paper from Google describes how advertisers can extend relevance, get results via local search. 
  • More consumers are "webrooming" rather than "showrooming," study shows, researching online and then buying in local stores. 
  • National brands are expected to spend more on local media than local marketers will in the coming years. 

Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday weekend.