Mobile, mobile, everywhere. Make sure your business is prepared.

Mobile has monopolized the marketing landscape lately. Brands are combining mobile with other tactics such as click-to-call, geo-location targeting, and traditional loyalty programs to boost customer experience, while other organizations like Yahoo! and the L.A. Times are revamping their business models to put mobile users first.

It certainly motivates all marketers and business owners to make sure that their marketing programs and customer service initiatives are mobile-ready. Here's a summary of tips and examples to get the job done.  

  • How mobile marketing and geo-location targeting works for Bloomin' Brands restaurants. 
  • Brands might want to take a cue from the LA Times, which just revamped its website and put mobile viewers first. 
  • Looking to boost your loyalty program? More people are redeeming coupons with mobile devices, study shows. 
  • Mobile is transforming banking. Internet banks are becoming main channels, with access through mobile devices. 
  • To boost mobile ad performance, add click-to-call or other mobile extensions, study says. 
  • Study finds retailers too focused on achieving conversions from mobile, not enough on total experience. 
  • 25 statistics that will drive the future of mobile marketing. 

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