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Sales Rise When Retailers Embrace "Showrooming."

We've always been big fans of managing the customer experience, particularly when it comes to routing calls efficiently and using call recording and call tracking to ensure that the customer experience always lives up to a company's brand promise.

Lately, retailers have faced a true customer experience challenge with mobile "showrooming," in which customers enter a store, use their mobile devices to compare prices, and then purchase elsewhere for a lower price or more convenience. 

An interesting study published this week indicates that brick-and-mortar retailers who embrace "showrooming" and make mobile devices part of the complete customer experience actually see sales rise, rather than fall. From the study: "42% of consumers using a mobile device while in-store spend more than $1,000, while only 21% of shoppers without a phone spend as much." How is that possible? By blending old with new and using mobile devices to complete the in-store experience.

Examples include use of location-based technology to provide store visitors with personalized offers, providing in-store mobile coupons, and even matching lower prices found elsewhere via a mobile device. It's all about blending in-store shopping with online conveniences to deliver an integrated and superior customer experience.  

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