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Are you ready? Mobile will change your business in 2015.

Are you genuinely surprised at how mobile device usage has grown in 2014? According to Forrester Research, which published a blog article via the Huffington Post, mobile has become one of the most disruptive technologies for businesses in decades. Why? It has completely shifted customer expectations. Read our take on what you need to know to prepare. More

November Trendwatch

Happy almost Thanksgiving! We’re publishing early this month to make room for this favorite holiday. Plus, one week from today marks the busiest shopping day of the year, for which retailers everywhere have been preparing.

There was no shortage of holiday-related headlines during November, from new strategies to creative campaigns to predictions of how mobile will affect holiday shopping. We’ve culled the most useful news here, and we’ve included some additional information that may be helpful as you finish your 2015 planning.

  • What's the marketing channel of choice this holiday? Email, followed by web, social, online display and mobile.
  • Gearing up for Black Friday? Survey says consumers plan to use mobile apps to navigate deals. 
  • See how several big retailers are preparing for the holidays. 
  • This study says 30% of Cyber Monday transactions will be mobile. 
  • Six mobile marketing predictions for 2015. We really like #3! 
  • Remember when podcasts were big? They're making a comeback thanks to growth of mobile. 
  • CTIA has updated its short code handbook. Great reading to stay in compliance with text/mobile marketing. ‪ 
  • Strategic planning in 2015? Here are five ways to use mobile to boost customer experience. 

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The Weekly Wrap - Mobile takes center stage

From loyalty programs and payments to texting during emergencies, mobile news took center stage this week. One study found that mobile video is on track to account for 50% of all online video viewing by 2016, having already grown more than eightfold since 2011. Since mobile is becoming a key part of the overall customer experience, it's imperative for marketers to learn how to incorporate it. Here are some examples worth reading:

  • Moving its loyalty program from punch cards to mobile pays off for retailer Yogen Fruz.
  • Great mobile marketing delivers the right message at the right moment. Here are great insight on owning, not abusing, the moment.
  • To celebrate April Fools Day, these brands launched joke products. Creative brand marketing at its best!
  • Texting and walking at the same time just got safer thanks to Apple (and a slew of other apps). 
  • Texting to 9-1-1 during emergencies is now available. CTIA - The Wireless Association published pros, cons, do's and don'ts for emergency texting vs. calling.

Sales Rise When Retailers Embrace "Showrooming."

We've always been big fans of managing the customer experience, particularly when it comes to routing calls efficiently and using call recording and call tracking to ensure that the customer experience always lives up to a company's brand promise.

Lately, retailers have faced a true customer experience challenge with mobile "showrooming," in which customers enter a store, use their mobile devices to compare prices, and then purchase elsewhere for a lower price or more convenience. 

An interesting study published this week indicates that brick-and-mortar retailers who embrace "showrooming" and make mobile devices part of the complete customer experience actually see sales rise, rather than fall. From the study: "42% of consumers using a mobile device while in-store spend more than $1,000, while only 21% of shoppers without a phone spend as much." How is that possible? By blending old with new and using mobile devices to complete the in-store experience.

Examples include use of location-based technology to provide store visitors with personalized offers, providing in-store mobile coupons, and even matching lower prices found elsewhere via a mobile device. It's all about blending in-store shopping with online conveniences to deliver an integrated and superior customer experience.  

Get more details and ideas from the complete article here

The Weekly Wrap - Technology and Marketing News

From mobile payments to mobile ordering. New uses for Twitter, Pinterest, and SnapChat (did you see the new lead generation card that Twitter advertisers can use for capturing lead data?). Television advertising moves to mobile. Here's a summary of the top mobile and marketing news to make headlines this week.