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January Trendwatch

With the holidays behind us and Superbowl Sunday in front, mobile marketing and customer experience dominated headlines during the month. If you had trouble keeping up with the latest news on both fronts, here's a handy summary:

Mobile Marketing

If you're into technology, marketing, or marketing technology, here are 10 mobile marketing trends to watch in 2015. More

More consumers rely on mobile while grocery shopping, to research products, check prices and get coupons. More. 

Sixty percent of holiday web traffic came from mobile, says Target and Amazon. More. 

For marketers, hyper-local ads and coupons could move from smartphones to wearables. More.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is turning into a show for marketers. More. 

These big brands are skipping Super Bowl ads and investing in mobile marketing instead. More

Customer Experience

Offering great mobile customer service is key to great customer engagement, according to Gartner. More.  

Interesting survey reveals best tone of voice to use with customers in digital correspondence. More.

A question every company should ask: When customers call your business, what kind of experience do they have? And is a call center even the best solution? More.

Top Tech Tips from 2014

As 2014 winds down and we look forward to the holidays, we thought it would be fun to review this year's most-read Tech Tips headlines. And so, here they are, along with a few of our personal favorites. Enjoy!

And all of us at AdGeo wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.

Top Tech Tips from 2014  

  • Great blog from @CTIA on using text-to-911 during emergencies. More
  • Location-based mobile ads predicted to see steep growth. More.
  • Five innovations that will transform e-commerce in the next 10 years. More
  • How mobile marketing and geo-location targeting works for Bloomin' Brands restaurants. More.
  • Reader's Digest adds SMS program for advertisers; invites mobile users to text codes to enter to win prizes. More.
  • Coors uses mobile and location-based marketing to guide sports fans to bars, restaurants. More.
  • Study finds shoppers receptive to geotargeted mobile coupons. More.
  • Brands are adding more options to location-based marketing. Here are four tactics that work. More
  • Following the net neutrality debate? CTIA says it will hurt wireless competition. More.

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  • Five ways to use mobile to boost customer experience. More.
  • Trends in text and email marketing. Make these workhorses work even harder. More
  • Are you ready? Mobile will change your business in 2015. More

Are you ready? Mobile will change your business in 2015.

Are you genuinely surprised at how mobile device usage has grown in 2014? According to Forrester Research, which published a blog article via the Huffington Post, mobile has become one of the most disruptive technologies for businesses in decades. Why? It has completely shifted customer expectations. Read our take on what you need to know to prepare. More

November Trendwatch

Happy almost Thanksgiving! We’re publishing early this month to make room for this favorite holiday. Plus, one week from today marks the busiest shopping day of the year, for which retailers everywhere have been preparing.

There was no shortage of holiday-related headlines during November, from new strategies to creative campaigns to predictions of how mobile will affect holiday shopping. We’ve culled the most useful news here, and we’ve included some additional information that may be helpful as you finish your 2015 planning.

  • What's the marketing channel of choice this holiday? Email, followed by web, social, online display and mobile.
  • Gearing up for Black Friday? Survey says consumers plan to use mobile apps to navigate deals. 
  • See how several big retailers are preparing for the holidays. 
  • This study says 30% of Cyber Monday transactions will be mobile. 
  • Six mobile marketing predictions for 2015. We really like #3! 
  • Remember when podcasts were big? They're making a comeback thanks to growth of mobile. 
  • CTIA has updated its short code handbook. Great reading to stay in compliance with text/mobile marketing. ‪ 
  • Strategic planning in 2015? Here are five ways to use mobile to boost customer experience. 

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Trends in Text and Email Marketing

Businesses have been using email and text messages for years as part of the marketing mix. Text (both SMS and MMS) and email are still incredibly effective, but as technology and the regulatory environment continue to change, it’s always wise to review best practices. What once worked well may need to be tweaked to continue yielding high returns (and to stay in compliance with increasingly stricter regulations). Here are four ways to make sure your email and text marketing continues to pay off. More

October Trendwatch

Mobile apps and new uses for mobile marketing technology dominated industry news during October. We thought the headlines below were worth a mention, in case you missed them.

  • For food franchisors: A great article on the keys to Chipotle's success. 
  • With location-based mobile marketing, you know where customers are, and now you can know what they're doing. 
  •  Mobile shoppers convert 160% more often on sites optimized for smartphones, study says. 
  • Of these five mobile marketing trends to watch, we especially like better targeted marketing and fight mobile app burnout 
  • Johnny Rockets speeds service with tabletop tablets, allowing customers to order and pay. 
  • Snapchat's first advertisement goes live and Twitter will offer a Buy button in early 2015. 
  • Report shows that consumers prefer free mobile apps supported by ads rather than ad-free versions that must be purchased. 
  • Cool campaign: IHeartRadio engages students with vending machines that accept Instagram photos as payment. 
  • Bold tactic by Taco Bell encourages use of its new mobile app over social media.

September Trendwatch - The secrets of mobile marketing

Lots of headlines during September focused on ways that brands can enhance their mobile and digital advertising effectiveness. We thought the headlines below were worth a mention, in case you missed them:

And for marketers who like to keep an eye on what's working for the big brands, here's a summary of the most notable campaigns: 

  • Geo-conquesting ad strategy works great for Toyota. 
  • Tresemme puts fans on Fashion Week interactive billboard. 
  • Quaker Oats engages consumers through scanning a logo on packaging, taking a milk mustache selfie, and getting recipes.  
  • Denny's breathes new life into mobile check-ins, which rose nearly 50% during these campaigns. 


Four ways to make location-based marketing work

Location-based marketing is certainly the new buzz, particularly for brands with brick-and-mortar stores. These days, brands are trying new ways to make location-based marketing work, implementing ideas such as mobile coupons, mobile push combined with convenient mobile payments, layering location data with past behavior, and in-store beacons. Here are four tactics that seem to be working. More

August trendwatch for marketers, business leaders

We hope you are looking forward to a long holiday weekend! We've been watching the web for  technology tips and trends to help you grow your business, and we thought the headlines below were worth a mention. In case you missed them ...

For marketers:

  • Gap invites parents to submit kids' photos via social networks in ad contest. 
  • Sonic tries all-digital campaign to launch one-day limited-time offer to millennials. 
  • TGI Friday's tries QR-code-enabled mobile payments. 
  • Applebee's opens up its Instagram feed to diners, leveraging "fan-tographers." 
  • Facebook beat Google for seasonal ad effectiveness (back-to-school and holidays in particular). 
  • Facebook ads get 10% higher click-through rate on mobile than desktop and are cheaper to boot, study says. 

For business leaders:

  • Need some leadership inspiration? Here's why CEOs succeed or fail. 
  • Seven things business leaders must understand about customer service. 
  • Developing a mobile app? Consider a soft launch strategy. 
  • Vendors like eBay, PayPal and OpenTable are streamlining the mobile payments process. 
  • The same customer experience principles apply to social media as in the real world.

Trendwatch for marketers and business leaders

We hope you had a nice holiday weekend and smooth transition back to work. If you've been too busy to keep up with marketing and technology trends, we've done it for you. Here's a summary of the latest headlines of significance for marketers and business leaders. 

For marketers:

  • Kraft launches creative campaign offering summer-themed recipes, rewards via mobile. 
  • Five key ingredients in the world's best mobile marketing campaigns. 
  • Mobile marketers see great success with geo-fencing techniques. 
  • Interesting court ruling on text message campaign violations. Taco Bell not responsible, but the agency is. 
  • Great read on ways to improve mobile marketing. We especially love "ditch the random and make it local." 
  • Study shows email marketing drives more sales on mobile devices than social media marketing does.

For business leaders:

  • Study says retailers are playing catch-up with mobile, starting with responsive website design. 
  • #HelpMePlease. Consumers see social media as the new customer service department. 
  • Customer experience matters! Avoid these 13 customer service mistakes. 
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Guru Walt Mossberg shows how PCs are merging with smartphones.
  • Study shows that shopping via mobile helps (not hurts) local commerce, particularly when offering mobile coupons.


Tech Trends: Some things change; some stay the same.

As technology continues to change the business and marketing landscape, certain things remain the same. Retailers, for example, find that the personal touch in a brick-and-mortar store is still an important part of the customer's shopping experience. And Big Data is so big that finding useful information that real people can use is a daunting task. Here's an interesting mix of new technology tools along with the tried-and-true business principles that aren't going away any time soon. More.

The Weekly Wrap - The value of "local"

Marketing at the local level continues to dominate headlines. Here's a summary of the latest research findings and best practices in local digital and mobile advertising, reaching consumers with relevant offers and incentives based on where they live and work. Be sure to also check out our recent articles on location-based marketing, the ability to correctly locate and route cell phone callers to the appropriate location, and how new location-based mobile services can enhance the experience of your customers.

  • 80% of smartphone users use their mobile devices for local searches. 
  • Big data gets bigger for marketers. Hiring data experts and executives pushing the use of analytics in marketing are two big trends to watch.
  • This new white paper from Google describes how advertisers can extend relevance, get results via local search. 
  • More consumers are "webrooming" rather than "showrooming," study shows, researching online and then buying in local stores. 
  • National brands are expected to spend more on local media than local marketers will in the coming years. 

Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday weekend.  

Mobile, mobile, everywhere. Make sure your business is prepared.

Mobile has monopolized the marketing landscape lately. Brands are combining mobile with other tactics such as click-to-call, geo-location targeting, and traditional loyalty programs to boost customer experience, while other organizations like Yahoo! and the L.A. Times are revamping their business models to put mobile users first.

It certainly motivates all marketers and business owners to make sure that their marketing programs and customer service initiatives are mobile-ready. Here's a summary of tips and examples to get the job done.  

  • How mobile marketing and geo-location targeting works for Bloomin' Brands restaurants. 
  • Brands might want to take a cue from the LA Times, which just revamped its website and put mobile viewers first. 
  • Looking to boost your loyalty program? More people are redeeming coupons with mobile devices, study shows. 
  • Mobile is transforming banking. Internet banks are becoming main channels, with access through mobile devices. 
  • To boost mobile ad performance, add click-to-call or other mobile extensions, study says. 
  • Study finds retailers too focused on achieving conversions from mobile, not enough on total experience. 
  • 25 statistics that will drive the future of mobile marketing. 

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Location-based marketing: The new kid gets noticed

When it comes to marketing technologies, there's a new kid in town. Actually, this kid is not so new, but he's finally getting the attention he deserves. His name is location-based marketing, and he's been used successfully by some stores to provide special offers to targeted audiences via their mobile devices as they enter the vicinity of the store. Here's a great summary article on why marketing budgets for the new kid are growing. You can also catch the full article here


The Weekly Wrap - Making marketing more effective

Whether mobile, social, email, or a combination, this week's headlines carried all kinds of tips and tricks to make marketing work better. Here's a snapshot … which of these ideas will you implement?

  • What's next … wearable devices shift from accessories to ad platforms. More
  • Is mobility making the web obsolete? More
  • Canada launches new anti-spam laws. More. 
  • Facebook shakes up brand pages, why remarketing works, and more tips for social media and online marketing. More.
  • Dunkin' Donuts notches 120% conversion with "Intent-Based Marketing" on social media. More.
  • If you're an avid Facebook advertiser, read this: Study says Twitter ads perform better. More.
  • Dollar Shave Club saw 126% increase in mobile conversions from performance improvements to mobile, web platforms. More.
  • Study finds two key global trends in retail: m-commerce, and researching online before buying offline. More

The Keys to Multi-Unit Marketing: Message and Measurement

Multi-unit franchise owners face unique challenges and opportunities. Getting the message right and measuring marketing activities can help you get the most from your marketing spend in generating leads, converting them to sales, and building strong brands. Don't miss this informative article published in Franchise World. More … 

The Weekly Wrap - Mobile takes center stage

From loyalty programs and payments to texting during emergencies, mobile news took center stage this week. One study found that mobile video is on track to account for 50% of all online video viewing by 2016, having already grown more than eightfold since 2011. Since mobile is becoming a key part of the overall customer experience, it's imperative for marketers to learn how to incorporate it. Here are some examples worth reading:

  • Moving its loyalty program from punch cards to mobile pays off for retailer Yogen Fruz.
  • Great mobile marketing delivers the right message at the right moment. Here are great insight on owning, not abusing, the moment.
  • To celebrate April Fools Day, these brands launched joke products. Creative brand marketing at its best!
  • Texting and walking at the same time just got safer thanks to Apple (and a slew of other apps). 
  • Texting to 9-1-1 during emergencies is now available. CTIA - The Wireless Association published pros, cons, do's and don'ts for emergency texting vs. calling.