Five signs your call routing needs an upgrade

Every growing business should periodically re-evaluate its marketing tools and methods, including those used to route calls. Perhaps better reporting can generate better marketing metrics or make better decisions. Perhaps your company is outgrowing its call center. How do you know when your business is ready for a call routing upgrade? Here are five signs.

Are you ready? Mobile will change your business in 2015.

Are you genuinely surprised at how mobile device usage has grown in 2014? According to Forrester Research, which published a blog article via the Huffington Post, mobile has become one of the most disruptive technologies for businesses in decades. Why? It has completely shifted customer expectations. 

Five ways to use mobile to boost customer experience

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the primary ways that customers interact with your business. According to industry experts, brands that do not incorporate mobile into the customer experience risk becoming obsolete. Here are five practical ways to use mobile to boost your customer experience.

Tech Trends: Some things change; some stay the same.

As technology continues to change the business and marketing landscape, certain things remain the same. Retailers, for example, find that the personal touch in a brick-and-mortar store is still an important part of the customer's shopping experience that can't be replicated by technology. This technology trend wrap is an interesting mix of new technology tools as well as the tried-and-true business principles that aren't going away any time soon.

Location-based marketing: The new kid gets noticed

When it comes to marketing technologies, there's a new kid in town. Actually, this kid is not so new, but he's finally getting the attention he deserves. His name is location-based marketing, and he's been used successfully by some stores to provide special offers to targeted audiences via their mobile devices as they enter the vicinity of the store. Here's why budgets for the new kid are growing. 

Multi-Unit Marketing: Message and Measurement

Multi-unit franchise owners face unique challenges and opportunities. Getting the message right and measuring marketing activities can help get the most from their marketing spend in generating leads, converting them to sales, and building strong brands. 

5 Signs Your Call Routing Needs an Upgrade

Call routing does not have the buzz of mobile marketing, QR codes, social media, or other technologies touted as the next big thing. Call routing simply gets incoming customer calls where they need to go, as quickly as possible, helping to provide the best customer experience you can offer. In fact, when it works well, it seems to just happen in the background.